Daikin was founded in Japan in 1924 to compound chemicals for air conditioning systems. This knowledge of chemistry has led to them being the second largest HVAC manufacturer in the world. Daikin provides an economical alternative to electric wall heating and window air conditioning by providing ductless systems that can be installed in any home, condominium or mobile home. There is also a line of Daikin units built for commercial use, making no space too large or too small to take advantage of Daikin technology.

Daikin Mini Splits

Daikin heat pumps provide the warmth and convenience of central heating units without having to install ductwork. Unlike central heating units, they give you more control over the temperature in rooms or zones of your home, allowing you to save energy. Daikin heaters can be wall mounted in any area or room of your home to provide an efficient alternative to traditional electric wall heat, in a much more attractive design. Daikin Mini Split systems can provide your home or business with a fuel-efficient ductless heating and cooling system with the same control as their other systems to help save on energy costs. For a complete description of all Daikin products for your home or business, as well as Daikin pricing, contact your local HVAC professional or visit eComfort.com.